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- As noted, WWE is going to be releasing a fresh DVD about The Actual Undertaker this November titled "The Undertaker: Your Streak - 21-1 (RIP Edition)," that is actually an expanded edition of the 2012 set about The Actual Streak along with lacking matches as well as an extended documentary.

There will be just 666 replicates designed for fans inside the united States whilst 2101 duplicates is likely to be produced for your UK and Europe.

The $59.99 five-disc set will feature an exclusive Topps trading card and additionally the coffin shaped box, as seen below. provides says the actual set is going to be accessible as a exclusive edition coffin box set.


Breathe deep: Valley air quality has best July in two decades - Fresno Bee (blog)

It had 25 healthy-air days and only 6 negative ones.

Instead associated with weather, Sadredin credits the particular good July to become able to a couple of regarding the toughest air laws inside the nation, along with investments in clean-air technology by simply businesses and residents.

But ozone is a persistent villain inside the Valley. With its worst, ozone is actually blamed for premature deaths inside the Valley.

Cloudy days create a difference, too, and the Valley had a few last month. Right now there were 23 healthy days and only eight negative days that will year.

Weather is always any factor. the Valley had thunderstorms and also steady breezes inside July. Because your American Lung Association puts it, "think associated with it as a sunburn on the lungs." The Actual anxiety as well as inflammation may trigger asthma along using other lung ailments.

The folks most susceptible tend to be children, the actual elderly and also those that currently suffer lung problems. We're discussing dirty air, and the not enough it last month. Regarding 21 days last month, the air failed to exceed the actual eight-hour federal health standard with regard to ozone -- the corrosive gasoline in which attacks the lungs, skin along with eyes. Why?

How can it damage lungs?

District executive director Seyed Sadredin says weather didn't usually cooperate, specifically during brief runs involving triple-digit heat. The Particular South Coast Air Basin generally has 25 as well as much more poor July days.

Weather as well as air high quality are generally linked, federal scientists say. The Particular cleanest July over the last 35 a extended time was in 1983. Fresno got more than any third associated with an inch involving rain in one storm.

The final moment the particular Valley had thus many events of breathable air inside July ended up being 1995. Meteorologists indicate unsettled conditions in which cause the environment to mix all through the atmosphere, which usually breaks up ozone. Wildfires generate ozone-making gases known as nitrogen oxides.. That's three weeks involving healthy air in the Valley within a month once the typical is just five or perhaps six good days.

What does it mean if this sort of air cleanup gets to become a permanent feature here?

Ozone types when nitrogen oxides (think of vehicles, industrial boilers or even fires) combine together with volatile organic compounds (vapors coming from fuels, paints as well as dairies). Whenever bad-air episodes happen, ozone amounts tend to simmer proper in regards to always be able to the wellness threshold for hours at a time, meaning folks acquire lengthy exposures outdoors.

Ozone chemically burns your lungs. Meteorologists point to unsettled circumstances which cause air to blend throughout the atmosphere, which in turn breaks up ozone. Nevertheless this year, people could allow their kids play outside in the afternoon the vast majority of the actual month. Sunshine and furthermore heat are necessary to produce ozone.

If your Valley meets even a mature federal ozone standard, health-related as well as other costs would drop through practically $90 million a year, based on any study carried out numerous in many years past by simply researchers in California State University, Fullerton.

But it's a error to become able to attribute your cleaner air last month for you to weather, says your head with the San Joaquin Valley Polluting In The Environment control District.

Nobody otherwise inside the nation will get dirty air with regard to as much days since the Valley gets it, except for that South Coast Air Basin within Southern California. in the actual Valley, your gases could be trapped for the days if the weather gets to be practically windless as well as stagnant.

$90 million is the thing that the Valley would conserve in health-related along together with other expenses if ozone normal has been met

July hasn't been consequently wonderful since 1995 inside the San Joaquin Valley. The Actual Valley had thunderstorms and steady breezes throughout July. Generally there had been furthermore 20 wildfires within the region. Fresno got a lot more than any third associated with an inch regarding rain in one storm.

The unsettled weather in addition affected Southern California, that have just 15 negative days


Facebook and other tech giants expand internet access in Africa - Irish Times

Zuckerberg's vision - performed with companions with a company called - encompasses an array of techniques, including lasers, drones as well as satellites beaming net signals down from the sky. Daniels stated the business had actually opened as a system and would love to see more regional application programmers in each country develop basic applications that could be included within it.

Along with Facebook's initiatives, which included developing a Swahili language version of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and IBM have actually all been advertising technology jobs on the continent.

Kenya has a number of major global telecommunications cords coming right into the country, making it a centre of innovation and cost effective access, stated Mr Tune.

Facebook presented that program in Zambia about a year earlier, and has actually included another 16 nations given that.

At the seminar today, he will certainly evangelise that mission to African programmers.

And also Africa appears to have actually created a little kumbaya to the conventional tech competitors. has actually likewise being criticised for being a stalking horse to obtain providers to provide Facebook's social network cost-free to low-income individuals.

Although the precise mix varies from nation to nation, the highlight of the application is a stripped-down version of Facebook's social network and also its Carrier instant-messaging service, with various other services additionally consisted of, such as Wikipedia, news, weather condition reports, government as well as social solutions, as well as neighborhood apps created by entrepreneurs in each region.

The New York Times

But the most concrete manifestation of has actually been a cellphone program - more exactly, a suite of applike services developed inside one big application - that Facebook has been attempting to encourage phone service providers around the world to supply free to users.

According to Mr Daniels, even more compared to half of individuals desire even more and wind up paying their phone carrier for some extra information services within Thirty Days (although that might be as tiny as downloading and install an image or video clip, most of which are excluded from the fundamental Facebook consisted of in

Google, for instance, has actually built a high-speed, fibre-optic web network in Kampala, Uganda. "We want to see more operators in more nations, and also multiple operators in a solitary nation.".

Although he declined to share a lot more specific information, he said was not philanthropy however actually brought new paying customers to phone carriers.

Next phase " is really showing people the worth of the Web," stated Chris Daniels, vice head of state of, in a phone job interview prior to heading off to Nairobi to participate in the entrepreneurship conference that the USA's State Division was holding along with president Obama's trip to Kenya.

Program range Microsoft has been supporting different jobs to transmit net signals by means of "white areas," which are essentially extra sections of the television broadcast range.

Nearly two years ago, Facebook's main executive, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed an enthusiastic effort to attach the globe's poorest people to the net.

Africa has ended up being a hotbed of trial and error by large American modern technology firms in addition to regional start-ups.

Today, tens of countless individuals have actually tested the net through it and, as of May, more than 9 countless those newbies have become regular users of web services, the business says. Yet unlike the comparable Google Fiber job in major American cities, Google doesn't provide the solution, called Project Link, directly to Ugandans yet instead markets accessibility inexpensive on a wholesale basis to neighborhood Web suppliers. "It's the one place where I have seen Microsoft as well as Google and also Facebook as allies," he stated.

As well as IBM said recently that it would begin a formal program to assist business owners in Nairobi's iHub advancement and collaboration room.

The result was a sharp decline in the rate of Internet accessibility in Kampala as brand-new entrants took on the standard providers to supply solutions.

"This fiber network in Kampala is worth a thousand drones," said Steve Song of the Network Startup Source Center, a non-profit clothing based at the University of Oregon that has worked with Google on a few of its Africa access jobs. On Friday, the business revealed that it was dealing with the United States federal government's Overseas Private Financial investment Corporation to give funding to Mawingu Networks to construct solar-powered web access terminals across country Kenya making use of white spaces technology.

"We continuously search for more neighborhood material, and we launched the system making sure that there is more content readily available," he stated.

"We're currently prepared to scale the solution," he stated. Mr Zuckerberg is likely to launch updated data when Facebook records quarterly profits. Mr.

The following phase, which Mr Daniels plans to reveal at a software program developers seminar today, is to significantly increase the number of providers that provide


Church unplugs, opens Nashville venue - USA TODAY

On a typical night, a Church demonstrate owes the maximum quantity of to AC/DC as to Merle Haggard, but he stripped items down for your very first of 2 sold-out shows at the 6,800-seat riverfront venue, opening with solo performances of singles Smoke any little Smoke and also Talladega. "First occasion we went - first time -- I gave him certainly 1 of these Zebco rods, I showed him the way to toss it out there, I baited the hook, had a little bobber in it," Church said as he released your song. "I came out using those very first 2 songs as my plan," he said. Yet it didn't obtain significantly weirder as compared to give Me Again My Hometown, throughout that members involving Church's street crew became available behind him and do choreographed hand movements to the song. as I visited get the rod, he threw the tackle box in the water. Whenever Church finally realized what they were up to, he quickly started laughing within the center of the or else somber song.

No place to hide. First up has been Jeff Cease, which additional electric guitar in order to Cold one as well as Livin' Portion associated with Life. I additionally did not understand that in the large event you hide truck keys in a garbage can, it will be a damn excellent place to hide 'em."

The bouncing roadies. While he presented his rhythm section, bassist Lee Hendricks along with drummer Craig Wright, that they sat on the couch in order to accompany him pertaining to 3 songs.

The set record with regard to Church's display follows:

Smoke a Small SmokeTalledegaWhat I Virtually WasCold OneLivin' Portion involving LifeSinners LIke MeDrink within My HandGive Me Again My HometownCreepin'Over Whenever It's OverJack DanielsBefore The Girl DoesHomeboy

Keep OnLike the Wrecking BallCarolinaHow 'Bout YouI'm Gettin' StonedThese BootsThree year Olds

Read as well as Talk About this story:

What he didn't sing. "There could end up being some things that an individual didn't feel you had been gonna hear you are gonna hear," stated Church, who'll play any 2nd sold-out concert at the venue Friday. Church closes his 90-minute show with a new song, three 12 Months Olds, he said has been inspired by a fishing trip together using his son Boone. "And there could become the primary things anyone thought anyone were gonna listen to that you won't hear till tomorrow night."

"Where your hell's my band, man?" Eric Church strolled onstage strumming an acoustic guitar Thursday night at 9:30, the very first headliner to play Nashville's new Ascend Amphitheater. Church didn't play latest set-list regulars Springsteen and That's Damn Rock & Roll, opting with regard to lesser-played figures similar to Carolina and also what I Virtually Had Been instead. "He threw it out; he reeled it in. Fishing using a 3-year-old. Church's stage included the bar from the rear exactly where band members could sit as well as drink while waiting for Church for you to give these people any call up 1 by simply one. And Also as I had been reaching down to buy it to end up being able to re-throw it, he just threw the entire damn rod in the water. "My favorite method to play a song is actually the way in which the song ended up being written," Church said. Nevertheless changing the particular arrangements regarding so many quantities meant Church held the actual performances loose, and also the sparse instrumentation left not even try to hide the occasional bum note or even flubbed line. "It's gonna acquire method weirder, I promise," Church said from 1 point inside the evening following a specifically ragged number. Now, I'm 38 a prolonged time old, and also I did not known that a fishing pole sank quicker than the usual tackle box. "I don't have 1 beyond that."

Country singer Eric Church performs Thursday, July 30, with Ascend Amphitheater throughout Nashville.(Photo: Brian Mansfield). "This only works should you guys sing every thing you understand as loud when you can," he told the particular audience.

Bringing out the particular band


Stand-Up Comedy Beyond the Brick Wall - New York Times


Patrick Schroeder, a stand-up comic at a "Knockin' Boots" night at Two Boots pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn, amuses a passer-by.


Mark Kauzlarich/The New York Times

"Everything that I've done in life that's been remotely successful started out with a joke that I just blurted out," said Brandon Scott Wolf, a stand-up comedian based in Brooklyn. "And then I was like, 'You know what, I'm going to do that.' "

His latest joke turned reality is the 2015 Empire Biscuit Comedy Festival, a three-day stand-up series from Sunday through Tuesday at Empire Biscuit, a Southern-style biscuit shop in the East Village. After Mr. Wolf and his fellow comic Andrew Tavin came up with the idea, they teamed with a producer, Tovah Silbermann, and reached out to Jonathan Price, an owner of Empire Biscuit.

Mr. Price said in an email that he was skeptical at first, but was won over because they were "just nice as pie and so determined and earnest." Several of the nine shows have sold out; tickets are $14 in advance and include a biscuit sandwich and a nonalcoholic drink.

The organizers called on some of their well-known friends in the New York stand-up scene. Among the comedians scheduled to perform are Sasheer Zamata of "Saturday Night Live," Hasan Minhaj of "The Daily Show" and national headliners like Christian Finnegan, Seaton Smith and Myq Kaplan.


The comic Harrison Greenbaum in Central Park, part of the Laughter in the Park series that presents stand-up in public spaces around the city.


Mark Kauzlarich/The New York Times

"It's just incredibly funny to me that everyone was like, 'Yeah, of course I'll do your Biscuit Comedy Festival,' " Mr. Wolf said. The comedians will be compensated for their time with a biscuit sandwich and a drink (of their choice); a storage area will double as their green room.

Comedy is experiencing a boom, and the variety of live shows in New York has ballooned in recent years. Since the 1990s, stand-up has spread beyond traditional comedy clubs to music venues and bars. New Yorkers are increasingly finding interesting nooks to hold stand-up shows, from their own apartments to pizzerias and the city's green spaces. For some, a stand-up show conjures images of smoky clubs, with comics mercilessly mocking audience members while trying not to be upstaged by alcohol-fueled hecklers -- and most comedy is still performed in such places. At these unexpected sites, however, the old dichotomy gives way to a more communal feeling between performers and audience.

On a recent Wednesday night, Christian Polanco slid open the glass garage door that divides Two Boots pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn, from the sidewalk. A tiny stage sat inside, with a dozen chairs facing it. Since April, Mr. Polanco has been hosting Knockin' Boots, a free weekly stand-up show at this location of Two Boots, a local pizzeria chain. Mr. Polanco made a charming host, winning over the audience members and pizza customers. He enticed hesitant attendees to sit up front by promising a $10 Amazon gift card to one person in the front row.

It was the restaurant's owner, Dennis Eschenberg, who had the idea to stage comedy in the space. "In an age where we might be looking at our cellphones while eating, it provides a nice mental relief," he said in an email, adding that he likes the interaction the open door provides with the neighborhood.


A crowd at the Two Boots pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn, responds to a stand-up act.


Mark Kauzlarich/The New York Times

At Two Boots, each comic handles the situation a bit differently. On this evening, Daniel J. Perafan peered out onto Fifth Avenue looking for pedestrians so "we can make people think we're talking about them." The audience pays nothing for the show; comics are "paid" with a slice of pizza and a beer.

Occasionally the incongruity of an uncensored comedy show in a family-heavy neighborhood can make for an awkward contrast -- a comic in the middle of a racy bit may have no idea a child is walking behind her. Some passers-by pause to take photos; others just stop on the sidewalk to watch. "Daddy, a comedian!" one girl squealed as she walked by the open door.

In Central Park the following Sunday afternoon, Suzette Simon and her crew were setting up a stage. Ms. Simon is the founder of Laughter in the Park, an annual series now in its ninth year that presents stand-up in public spaces around New York City. The audience spread out on picnic blankets and lawn chairs; among the attendees were babies, dogs and plenty of bikes. Throughout the hourlong show, which started at 2 p.m., curious onlookers wandered over. For this particular event, there were about 75 people at the start, but well over 200 by the end.

The afternoon's final stand-up, Harrison Greenbaum, began as the weather started to turn. "I think this is the first comedy show I've done where I've competed with the wind," he cracked. Several minutes into his set, it began to drizzle. A producer gave him a signal to wrap it up. "Oh, I know, God told me," he responds, before speeding through the rest of his material.


The act is performed with doors open to the street.


Mark Kauzlarich/The New York Times

The series has the backing of the city's parks commissioner, Mitchell Silver, who said he "fully supports their efforts to hold these programs in as many parks as possible." (The series has also traveled to Madison Square Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. On Sunday, its final show of the season takes place at 51st Street and Park Avenue as part of the city's Summer Streets program.)

Ms. Simon estimated that 20,000 people have attended the shows over the years. She said that her only rule for the comics was to stay clean, though she also encourages them to keep things light. "I don't want dark humor at 2 in the afternoon," she said, preferring sets with a "New York perspective" that Ms. Simon feels will resonate with the crowd. Generally, she said, New Yorkers "don't celebrate comedy as an art form, and it's such a New York thing."

If You Go

2015 EMPIRE BISCUIT COMEDY FESTIVAL Sunday through Tuesday at 7, 9 and 11 p.m., Empire Biscuit, East Village;

KNOCKIN' BOOTS COMEDY Wednesdays at 8 p.m., Two Boots, Park Slope, Brooklyn;

LAUGHTER IN THE PARK Final show is Sunday at 11:30 a.m. at 51st Street and Park Avenue;

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